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Silicone Watch Styles For Active Days

You don’t have to be a fitness influencer or outdoor enthusiast to enjoy an active lifestyle. Taking walks with friends, going on a weekend hike, swimming laps in the pool and more are examples of day-to-day activities that get you up and moving. Whatever your preference is, a silicone watch is what you need and want while being active. From specialized design details to colors and functionalities, you’ll love how versatile and durable these rubber watches are. Shop a wide variety from top designers like Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Diesel, kate spade new york and more at Watch Station. Women’s silicone watches and men’s rubber watches give you sturdy, dependable style so you never have to slow down.

Rubber Watch: Bounces Back From Even Your Most Strenuous Workout

Whether your most strenuous workouts take place in the gym, outdoors, in a pool, wherever, you want to be able to focus on what you’re actually doing, not what you’re wearing. From an outfit that doesn’t breathe well to a watch that feels heavier than the weights you’re lifting, you need to be free to move and focus on what you’re doing. That’s what makes a silicone watch so great. These lightweight watches won’t weigh you down and are breathable so you won’t even notice them. The soft, thick texture of a rubber watch allows it to stand up to wear and tear that may come when you’re working out or doing something outside. It’s also easier to wipe clean, so you don’t have to worry about scratches, scuffs or sweat stains.

Our silicone watches come in many shapes, sizes and functionalities so you can customize it to fit your lifestyle. Days when you’re just casually spending time outside or doing something different while on vacation, like hiking or surfing, you’ll love the easy style of a chronograph rubber watch. Go with a bright neon strap if you’re in the tropics or an earth tone for the mountains. Or showoff your personality with the color you choose, it’s totally up to you. These watches can be a fun way to express yourself while enjoying the traditional style you love. If you’re looking to keep closer track of your fitness journey and progress, you’ll love the way a smartwatch keeps up with you. This silicone watch features technology that can track your steps, reps and more while you workout. The high-tech capabilities of this rubber watch will help you know when you can push yourself and when to pull back, while the lightweight straps won’t slow you down. It’s important that you can do what you love without being distracted or feeling encumbered or worried that your watch won’t be able to withstand your sport. Get rid of the hassle and stress with a rubber watch.

Express Yourself With A Silicone Watch

Fashion should always be about self-expression. From bold and loud to soft and subtle, your choices help define who you are and what you want people to see. Use the fun designs, colors and sizes of a silicone watch to do all of this and more. Rock a bright yellow strap on gloomy days to keep your spirits up and your smile in place. Go for a tropical print when you’re flying out on vacation, or stick with classic black for a match-all style that can go anywhere. No matter what style of rubber watch you choose, just make sure it represents who you are and the styles that you love the most. Shop our silicone watches today and see for yourself.